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Political Science Today

Political Science Today - Political Science Today In the...

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Political Science Today In the last few decades, political science has become more solidly established. Political professionals work on campaigns (as well as news shows) at all levels to help sway voters, and many elected officials analyze data to help make policy choices. Today, many political scientists use statistics and other quantitative methods to study a variety of issues, such as voting, Congress, and the presidency. Politics and Political Science Key Terms Political scientists rely on several important concepts: Power: The ability to get others to do what you want. Power can take many forms, from brute force to articulate persuasion. Government: The organization of power within a society, specifically how power is divided and used. Example: The government of the United States is a democracy established by the Constitution. Regime: Any particular government. Legitimacy: Occurs when citizens accept the political decisions made by the governing body. A government is considered legitimate
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