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SOME IMPORTANT THIRD PARTIES Party Dates Success(es) Anti-Masonic Party 1828– 1832 First party to hold a convention to nominate candidates Prohibition Party 1867– present Has nominated a candidate for president in every election since 1872 Progressive Party 1912 Elected a number of candidates to state legislatures, Congress, and even the U.S. Senate. Deflected enough votes from Republican William Howard Taft to hand the presidency to Democrat Woodrow Wilson in 1912. American Independent Party 1968– present Won electoral votes (for George Wallace) Libertarian Party 1971– present Some members have won local elections. Green Party 1984– present Some members have won local elections. the Appeal of Third Parties Third parties appeal to people for a number of reasons: Ideology: People who feel strongly about a particular issue might be drawn to a third party that focuses exclusively on that issue.
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Unformatted text preview: Example: The Greenback Party focused on the monetary system, and the Prohibition Party sought to ban the consumption of alcohol. The Populist Party, meanwhile, grew out of the Populist movement, and the Republican Party developed primarily out of the abolitionist movement. • Dissatisfaction with the status quo: Some third parties form when part of a major party breaks off in protest and forms a splinter party. Example: In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt led a group of dissidents out of the Republican Party to form the splinter Progressive Party. • Geographical location: Third parties can be closely tied to a specific region, which can increase their appeal. Chicago’s Harold Washington Party, for example, seeks to carry on the legacy of Harold Washington, the city’s first African American mayor....
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