The Development of Political Science

The Development of Political Science - The Development of...

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The Development of Political Science For as long as humans have formed communities, people have debated and analyzed politics, or the way groups of people, particularly governments, reach agreements and make decisions that will affect the entire society. The Ancient and Medieval Worlds The word politics comes from the Greek word polis, which means “city-state.” Probably the first person to use the term political science was Aristotle, a Greek philosopher who argued in favor of living a virtuous life. Political science in the ancient and medieval worlds was closely linked to philosophy and theology. It often consisted of advice for rulers on how to govern justly. Numerous thinkers and scholars advanced the study of politics and government, including: Plato (c. 427–c. 347 bce): One of the greatest western philosophers, Plato wrote several dialogues about political matters, including The Republic (c. 360 bce).
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