The High Cost of Campaigning

The High Cost of Campaigning - The High Cost of Campaigning...

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Unformatted text preview: The High Cost of Campaigning To win, candidates must raise large amounts of money, which takes considerable time and energy. Incumbents have a far easier time raising money than challengers, and sometimes incumbents out-fundraise their opponents by astonishing amounts. In the 2003–2004 election cycle, for example, incumbent Colorado congressman Mark Udall raised approximately $1.1 million, whereas his challenger, Stephen Michael Hackman, raised only $8,000. Not surprisingly, Udall was reelected. Term Limits Members of Congress can be reelected as many times as the people will reelect them, and some members have served many, many years in office. In May 2006, for example, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia became the longest-serving senator after having served eight six-year terms. Some people argue that the number of terms members serve should be limited in order to maintain democracy. Term limits exist for many state and local offices, as well as for the office of the president, but establishing them for members of Congress would require a...
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