The Most Notorious Pardon

The Most Notorious Pardon - wartime, the presidents powers...

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The Most Notorious Pardon Probably the most notorious presidential pardon was Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed as part of the Watergate scandal in 1974. Ford hoped to bring the tumultuous scandal to a close, but many people felt that Ford actually made the situation worse by ensuring that Nixon would never face charges. Commander in Chief The Constitution states that the president is commander in chief of the armed forces. This means that the president—a civilian—controls the entire American military. Civilian control of the military has been a cornerstone of the United States since its founding. As commander in chief, the president can send troops into battle without a formal declaration of war from Congress and has final authority over military operations. During
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Unformatted text preview: wartime, the presidents powers expand dramatically: Most Americans willingly grant the president a great deal of freedom in order to win the war. During World War I, for example, the Wilson Administration rationed food and important materials and, with the medias cooperation, controlled the news. The Presidents Controversial Power Even though only Congress can declare war, the president is the commander in chief. Most of the time, Congress and the president cooperate, but sometimes problems do arise. During the Vietnam War in 1973, for example, Congress passed the War Powers Resolution, which requires the president to consult with Congress when sending troops into combat. The resolution also gave Congress the power to force the president to withdraw troops, but this power has never been used....
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