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Types of Civil Liberties

Types of Civil Liberties - Types of Civil Liberties The...

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Types of Civil Liberties The Constitution guarantees many types of civil liberties, including freedom of speech and the press, freedom of religion, and the rights of the accused. Over time, Americans have expanded their civil liberties to include the right to privacy. Freedom of Speech and the Press The First Amendment grants citizens freedom of speech, press, petition, and assembly, all essential for citizens to communicate freely in a democracy. Citizens must have the right to criticize the government for democracy to function properly. The courts have granted Americans wide-ranging freedoms of speech and expression. Unprotected Speech Not all speech is protected, however. In some cases, the government has the legal right to regulate what Americans say and print. Free speech must first pass a number of tests: Clear-and-present-danger test: Speech that has the potential to cause harm or that constitutes a clear-and-present danger to the government is not protected.
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