RA olson final - Derek Pieser Olson's Rhetoric Effective or...

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Derek Pieser Olson’s Rhetoric: Effective or Not? After becoming populated by means of work camps and migration, over half of Hawaii’s current citizens have mixed ethnicity. In Steve Olson’s article, The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples, he argues that Hawaii’s high rate of intermarriage is a great model of cultural blending and relationship for the future of the rest of the world. However, Olson also points out that increased intermarriage does not completely end ethnic and racial tensions as many people expect, but instead make the discrimination different. To persuade his reader, Olson makes powerful appeals to ethos and pathos throughout his article. For ethos, he cities authorities, establishes common ground with the audience, and addresses his own credibility. To affect the emotions of the reader, (pathos) Olson uses vivid description, emotional language, and personal anecdotes. The appeals made to ethos and pathos are generally very effective; however the impact of the appeal varies depending on the reader. One of the ways that Olson can establish his credibility in an appeal to ethos is by explaining his own credentials. He accomplishes this by writing about his first-hand experience in Hawaii and his interviews of the locals. For example, he recalls how he met “Bernie Adair, who was… at a swap meet in Kahului, Maui’s largest town” (251). From this quote, it is almost impossible to refute that Olson has been to Hawaii and interacted with people who lived there, making him credible in the topic that he discusses. However, some Hawaiian natives or more educated professors would see themselves as more qualified. Lastly, The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples is a published print essay that Olson wrote, meaning he is a legitimate writer.
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RA olson final - Derek Pieser Olson's Rhetoric Effective or...

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