Econ_101.2_Student_M - for taking 101 The cost for that is $80 and you can sign on and have a 3-week grace period through Sept 13 to pay for it in

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Economics 101 Students, Welcome to Fundamentals of Microeconomics! To help get you started, the class website is: id=2009%5Ffall%5Fpul%5FECONS%5F101%5F02 . My syllabus is there, and that is where I will post grades, readings, announcements, and other course-related material as needed. A few minutes spent reading the syllabus, particularly the section on how to succeed in the course, will be a good investment. I also suggest that you log on to and get familiar with it. The course code is ZJBT- XFB4-EXJR. You can get ahead by downloading at least the first two chapters, printing out the glossary at the end of the book, and doing the first two practice homework assignments. Please remember to sign up on the correct section (2), and enter your ID number so I can correctly track your grades. To clarify, the Aplia version of the textbook, which includes the graded homework, is required
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Unformatted text preview: for taking 101. The cost for that is $80, and you can sign on and have a 3-week grace period, through Sept. 13, to pay for it, in case you are short on money. The hard-copy textbook is $45 if ordered through Aplia, and it is optional. It is up to you to decide whether the hassle and cost of printing the chapters is worth the $45 savings – probably not if you have to pay anything for printing. In addition to the study approach outlined in the syllabus, most successful students keep a course binder for their notes, readings, and exams. Office hours are as noted in the online syllabus, and I will try using the virtual office hours through the Angel software that manages the course website. This is a new system, so no promises about how well that will work; and I will give priority to students who show up live as opposed to “live.” All for now, and I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday afternoon. Peter Gray...
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