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The silk road made it possible for the world’s parts to be integrated by common cultures and shared commodities. One is the aspect the Silk road created is the economic expansion of cultures. Another is the intellectual ideas that it produced. The last part is the cultural influences it had on the Eurasian world. One economic impact the silk road produced is the growing of trade. Trade allowed new cities to form like Petra which was built by Nabateans. Trade also influenced the diversification of products. China for example produced silk which was used for currency to purchace horses and pay off debts. Political deveolpmets were vital to the silk road trade because of theives, war and political instibility. This created Centralized governments to control these promblems espically in China and persia the two main centers of trade. Once the routes were secure nomadic hearders became rich from trade because of the silk road for example they built Palyrama which was made out of marble. The silk road also shifted power form the agrian elites to urban financers and
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