Group - o Likes to work out and gamble won 900 in a night o...

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Group #10 David Solomon [email protected] o Born in Connecticut o Found out that the room he lived in was o Moved to Redmond WA when 2 o Spends most summers in east coast o A lot of family in Austin texas o Went to Redmond high o Played tennis and WOW o Parents Divorced 10 years ago and both remarried o Jewish o Ethical dilemma was going to join the Navy but couldn’t get the program and could do Nuclear power school so he dropped out and went to WSU Blake Simpson [email protected] o Sophomore o Bellevue High o Wrestling Football lacrosse crew, boxing o Does club lacrosse o Used to get in a lot of trouble o Parents are divorced o Ethical friend got in to trouble when getting into a fight and had to lie because the other person was pressing charges Evan Sirois [email protected] o Sep 25 1989 o Edmonds WA o Sophomore o Meadowdale High school
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Unformatted text preview: o Likes to work out and gamble won 900 in a night o Major Social Sciences o 1 older brother o Most of family lives in Eugene Oregon travels there a lot o Ethics- friend caught stealing clothes while he said he didn’t want to help him • Brian Rover [email protected] o Feb 20 th 1991 o From Plantation FL o Moved to Bellevue WA 7 years old o CFO Allen institute for brain science o 3 cats o Wants to be a sports agent o Major is accounting o Ethics got an inside tip on stocks • Megan Sanders [email protected] o Spokane WA 1990 o Sophomore o Major Com o High School very small called Riverside o Played volleyball and softball o Like listening to music playing video games etc likes COD! And halo ODST o Ethics friend cheating on boyfriend didn’t tell o Orientation Counselor...
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Group - o Likes to work out and gamble won 900 in a night o...

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