Notes - B Law 210 Notes 230 Todd hall Laws are enforceable...

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B Law 210 Notes 230 Todd hall Laws are enforceable rules in the court of law Purposes of Law o Safety/Order o Outline Civil rights- limits the powers of government over the individual o Economic Structure o Social structure- that tells us the rules of family, marriage, kids o Social Justice protection of minority rights and minority majority rights o Political structure (parties, elections) Law works in society because of stability, predictability, and continuity Sources of law o Constitutions (skeleton or basic law structure) o Statutory Law (administrative law) o Case law (Judge made laws) Stare Decisis o To maintain what has been decided o Using old cases to determine the new cases o All about case laws o Precedent – Due Process – the right to a fair hearing in the court of law 1/21/09 Fiduciary – a person who you entrust confidential information with also putting their needs in front of yours 1/26/09 State Court system Trial court of general jurisdiction o Idaho: District courts o Washington: Superior Courts o Makes record of rulings of courts o Inferior Courts: simply means below Court of appeals: review the record to see if there is any mistakes State Supreme Court: highest level in state courts Federal Court system Federal district court of general jurisdiction Circuit court of appeals: 9 th circuit (west coast) United states supreme court Pay attention to what is happening in the Supreme Court 2/4/09 Paper on torts About the role of the lawyer and the advantages/ disadvantages of torts, is it effective, be sure to explain why, film used as an argument in the paper not about the movie itself
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Have to go to the library and citations on those books/articles, some can be from the internet not all Outline, essay, bibliography (separate sheet), 6 – 15 lines evaluation on torts and group participation 1781 Articles of Confederation o Creates the United states of America but all the power goes to the states and no central government is formed o This split the economy apart and made the states work against each other (against free trade) o States issued their own currency 1787 Independence hall formation of constitution o Declaration of independence created here along with constitution o James Madison – decided that a whole new government should be created rather than “fix” the old one
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Notes - B Law 210 Notes 230 Todd hall Laws are enforceable...

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