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Michael Reber Sikkink English 101.29 4/5/10 Wrestling, a controversial sport There are many traits and characteristics that make wrestlers what they are and Vision Quest exemplifies many of these traits. Vision Quest shows the core values of wrestling that stand out in our community and make us wrestlers what we are. Devotion to the sport is one of the values that wrestlers develop in order to be successful. Another aspect is the hardships that go along with wrestling this includes managing weight and having a strong. Vision Quest also shows some of the negative heath effects that some wrestlers experience during extreme dieting routines. Vision Quest also leaves out parts of the wrestling culture, one example is the emotional strains that are put on wrestlers during their daily routines. It also never picks up on how hard school is during the season, especially staying focused in class. For the most part Vision Quest is a very accurate description into the life of a wrestler. Although some parts of the movie are left out because I feel like it would take away from the main idea of the movie. If these hardships where included it might have gave people the wrong view of wrestling. The main value of wrestling that our culture exemplifies is devotion to the sport, to be a wrestler you have to be committed. The schedule for high school wrestling is very strenuous, with only one day off per week. An intense practice routine coped with cutting weight is very hard undertaking to stay committed to. First off you have to keep your attendance at school,
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keeping a grade point average above 2.0 to be able to compete in matches, the best part of wrestling because winning matches rewards the time and effort that you have put in. The fact that you are not taking in any calories while burning thousands makes you really think about your commitments. While cutting weight wrestlers experience Vision Quest relates this to showing Louden running to and from work after his practice to loose weight. He does this every day. Louden for those who haven’t seen the movie is an 18 year old boy, part of a broken family, that just wants to beat the wrestling champion in the league. Others in the movie look at him at a crazy person for doing what he does; he is really just a devoted wrestler understanding that you have to perform the steps of cutting weight and making it to practice to compete on a high level, and win. I think the movie does a good job in showing why wrestlers are so committed. In one
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Revised Paper #2 - Michael Reber Sikkink English 101.29...

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