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Michael Reber Gened 111.8 Neuffer Journal writing assignment Problems and solutions in the modern Food Industry More money means more problems, The Good Earth portrays these problems as Wang Lung lost his respect for the earth when he became wealthy, this same thing is happening in America today. Respect has been lost for our food because these companies, capitalistic in nature, regarded high profits more than safety of food and laborers. Food Inc. portrays our heavily mechanized industrial food economy which has many problems imbedded into it. We are producing food at high rates without taking a step back and looking at the potential costs which have resulted. We need to find the equilibrium in producing food with new technologies, such as GMO (genetically modified organisms), pesticides and growth hormones and use these new technologies with more caution contemplating the risks involved with high output mechanized food production. Every new technology raises problems and because GMO crops are relatively new, being released to the market in the early 1990’s, we have yet to solve these problems. The explanation for the development of GMO crops is that it makes farmer more efficient, producing higher yields with less use land. Now 70% of processed foods have some genetically modified ingredient ( Food Inc. , Kenner). This has also created many consequences, corporations such as Monsanto have gained too much control over food production and are getting too greedy. In the 1970s, the top five beef packers controlled about 25% of the market. Today, the top four control
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more than 80% of the market. ( Food Inc. , Kenner). This quote shows how much control these corporations have, an example of this is once Monsanto came out with their round-up ready soybean and now 90% of all soybeans planted in the U.S. comes from Monsanto who has patented their new technology. The patented soybean makes Monsanto the only company allowed to produce this type of soybean and controls who gets it and what price farmers will pay. Another way big corporations have lost their morals is treating their employees harshly. A
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Gened paper #2 - Michael Reber Gened 111.8 Neuffer Journal...

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