Billy Mays – Salesman of the Century

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Billy Mays – Salesman of the Century This goes to the man who showed us the world, the man who showed us things that we thought could never be done, the man who set out to change all of our lives for the better. Am I talking about a president Barack Obama?…No. Am I talking about Bruce Willis in Armageddon? ...Nope. I am talking about the greatest salesmen of the century…Billy Mays. Billy was born on July 20, 1958 in Pennsylvania but made his mark in the Atlantic City boardwalk, which he moved to after he dropped out of college. Based in Atlantic city Billy traveled across the country for 12 years before being hired to sell oxi-clean and other various items on the home shopping network. Sadly Billy’s inspiration died with him on June 28, 2009 in Tampa Florida from hypertensive heart disease, related to drug problems. Although Billy’s family conduced a second autopsy stating that cocaine was not a factor, the toxicology report indicated levels of cocaine along with painkillers oxycodone and tramadol, as well as anti-anxiety drugs. At his funeral
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