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Michael Reber COMST 102 Informative Speech Peer Critique Delivery Overall your speech was very fluent and easy to understand. You did a very good job with eye contact and positive body movement. Some parts of the speech were a little slow but overall your voice was very good. Also you should try to keep your note cards on you, at times you paused to go back to the desk and look at your note cards. Structure The start and middle of your speech contained all the appropriate elements. There was a specific relevance to the audience on how the United States could have followed Germanys economic model to revive itself from the recession more quickly. I thought your speech was very interesting, however the end of your speech lacked on restating the thesis and summarizing the
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Unformatted text preview: main points to the extent needed, the conclusion was very short. Content The presentation aid was well used and contained facts that the audience would want to know. I defiantly learned something new from the speech and totally agree that the United States government trying to do too much. Again, the only thing you can work on is the end of the speech; it helped me to write more material on the last few note cards so that I could read straight off them if I needed to, because I feel like the end of the speech is hardest to remember, and if you have more information at the end you can drag out the time if need be....
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