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Michael Reber Persuasive Speech Outline 4/11/11 General Information 1. General Goal – To persuade people to shop at local Small businesses 2. Specific Goal – To persuade people not to shop at chain retailers such as Wal-Mart and shop at local businesses to benefit the community. 3. Form of reasoning – To illustrate examples on the impact of chain retailers and explain why it is better to shop locally 4. Type of Claim Made (fact, value, or policy) – Fact Introduction Attention Catcher - Stan from South Park once asked his dad “how come Wal-Mart is able to sell everything so cheap?” He replied “Its simple economics son I don’t really understand it all but God I love it” As Stan’s dad and the community of South park gets sucked into Wal-Marts low prices the town itself ends up getting destroyed, shutting down businesses on Main Street that the kids used to shop at. Listener Relevance - Recently Wal-Mart has opened a new super center in Pullman. This was a sigh of relief for most kids at Washington State because now we don’t have to drive 8 miles to Moscow to pick up items at a cheap price all in one place. However there are other sides to a new Wal-Mart in town. Speaker Credibility - I work a small business in the summer and know the impact on the community. (Used later) Thesis Statement presented as a proposition – I want you to understand the importance of shopping locally and why it is harmful to the local economy to shop at chain stores such as Wal-Mart. Preview of Main Points – I will be covering the impact of new Wal-Marts on communities, the reasons why shopping at Wal-Mart hurts local economies, and why you should shop locally to benefit your community. Body Main Point #1 –Wal-Mart has become an icon of American business success and because of their surprising success in such a short amount of time many companies follow their business model. But what has become of the biggest employer and buyer in America? The impact of
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Persuasive speech - Michael Reber Persuasive Speech Outline...

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