Pursuasive Critiquer - heard. The part I liked the most was...

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Critiquer: Michael Reber Speaker: Fletcher Wilhite Speech Topic: Why to be an organ donor Delivery The voice part of your speech was one of your strong points. It was easy to understand and flowed very well. However you could have spoke a little louder, I was sitting at the back and I could hear everything it was just quite. You also had very good eye contact and didn’t look at your note cards very much. Your gesture use was limited and you could have used more gestures to connect with the audience more. Structure The structure of your speech had all the parts accounted for. You had an attention catcher and a clincher. All the main points were covered enough and the speaker credibility was also stated. There is nothing that you can really work on the structure part of the speech from what I
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Unformatted text preview: heard. The part I liked the most was the supporting facts to persuade people to donate, like when you stated how many people die a day waiting for organs. Content The content was also good in your speech. The video was very interesting and I learned a lot on why I should be organ donor. One part the related to the audience well was that most people dont know why they choose to be an organ donor, we just check the box or dont. Even though I am already an organ donor I now see no reason not to and I think that if there was anyone in the audience that wasnt an organ donor they would feel the need to change their mind....
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Pursuasive Critiquer - heard. The part I liked the most was...

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