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Michael Reber review #7 - in potlatches and other...

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Michael Reber Native American Music Review #7 The Kwakiutl people of the first nations tribes were a complex society with many inner workings. Inside their society were many “secret societies” that one could only gain acceptance to through initiation or passing down from generation to generation. The societies held more of a prestige than power and it was a great honor to be in such a society. The initiation of to a society specifically the Hamatsa society is a very lengthy process that no one particularly likes according to Mungo Martin. A candidate for Hamatsa initiation is sometimes sent into the woods for 4 years before the ceremony actually started. Another important part of All First Nations People of the Pacific Northwest is the potlatch, which means giving. During a potlatch, which a chief hosts the chief gives away nearly all of his possessions and the more he gives away the higher his prestige is. Potlatches are usually held after the long season of fishing and hunting is over and people are free to participate
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Unformatted text preview: in potlatches and other ceremonies. Potlatches are held for many different reasons marriage birth, and death being the main ones but there are also other reasons such as repaying insult, to save face, to establish rights to certain dances, songs crests or regalia. The music of the Kwakiutl people is also very complex, as people of the tribe must gain ownership to certain songs. When Christianity came about these people they were didn’t let any of their songs out of their tribe. If someone was to sing a song belonging to another then he was scorned upon and treated as a thief. The Kwakiutl people are very complex and their trial society is very amazing. I think that these people should be regarded as one of the most complex and interesting society of the North American tribes. From their music to their secret societies it will be hard to ever understand the full story of this tribe for they have put the highest importance of keeping things secret....
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