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Michael Reber 2/24/11 Native American Music Review #11 The son of an Indian father who was good friends with Jimi Hendrix shows the passion music, specifically for his version of the star spangled banner. Alexie, the son states that every song has a specific meaning for someone somewhere as for him the star spangled banner sparked a passion for learning to play the guitar. The passion for music makes it powerful medicine as music made his father a reservation philosopher. His father goes on to saying that young Indian kids don’t know what music is all about and that they think they know everything but really don’t. Jimi Hendrix was a hero to Alexie’s father and they even went to visit his grave in Seattle. There his father and mother had a fight when his mother made a comment about his father’s statement only the good die young and she made a rash comment about how Jimi died by choking on his own puke. The way that Jimi and his music broke apart their relationship is another way of showing how powerful music can be, good or bad.
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