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Michael Reber Native American Music 4/4/11 Songs from sprit covers an ancient ritual covering Washat, this ceremony has been around a long time and from Chad’s experience it has great spiritual power with in it. The start of the ceremony has many aspects to it and involves drummers and a Washat leader that headed the ceremony. Many tribes in the Plateau area practice the ceremony but all have different aspects within their particular Washat. Day one of there ceremony starts with a drumming and singing as well as spoken words that explain the music and ringing of a bell that has a connection with the hearts of the people involved in the ceremony, starts the ceremony and signals other important parts of the ceremony. There is also a dance that goes along with the songs of the ceremony and the bell signals dancers to move in accordance with the verses of the songs. Stated in chapter 8, in a ceremony there is a song and dance and one with out the other indicates there is no ceremony. I think the connection of the songs and dancing is one reason why there is such
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