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Michael Reber Native American Music 2/17/11 Review # 11 The Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation is located in North Dakota. The tribes of this reservation had the last stand against manifest destiny. This culture spawned out of the fur trade and during this time it was common for French and British fur traders to marry Indian women. With the marriage of Europeans and Indians came trade partnerships and a separate culture. The offspring of these intermarriages developed a separate culture mixing European and Indian traditions and developing a language consisting of French nouns and Chippewa/Cree verbs. The intermarriage offspring culture developed more with subsequent marriages and with that came an old belief Catholicism, large families, French chansons, fairytales, superstitions, celebrations, dance, food ways and a full gamut of folk life. British immigrants at the time were a mixture of Viking and Celtic people and furthermore the French immigrants also had Celtic background. These European cultures then
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Unformatted text preview: people intermixed with the Indians to form a new language and culture called Metis. The cultural region of the Metis spanned from Sault St. Marie, Michigan to Chateau, Montana crossing the border into Canada as well. Today our government does not recognize Metis, in Canada however they recognized as forming one of the Canadian providences, Manitoba. Even though Metis are not recognized by the United states government their culture still holds strong in Turtle Mountain Indian reservation. Music created long ago is still part of their culture today and displays the diversity of these people. The story of Turtle Mountain people was one I had not yet heard. After reading the author’s description of the music, I want to hear this music and listen to how it represents their culture. Another part I found interesting is how diverse the Metis culture is and their importance on the reformation of territories between the United states and Canada....
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