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Unformatted text preview: Michael Reber Native American Music Review #17 3/29/11 Chapter 4 in the books describes what the undertakings of Christian missions were set out to accomplish. The Christians believed that all should be Christian and the Indians believed they could harness the power that the Christians had to offer while still taking part in their traditional aspects of their religious life. I feel that the Indian people just didnt know what was coming to them when they enrolled in the missions or took part in Christian ceremonies, could this be because of the language barrier or because the Christian missions sought out to deceive the Indian people. I think that there was both part of the story going on in the expansion of the west. However the chapter goes on to explain another side of the story religious syncretism, which is what the Indian people had envisioned all along. Missions in the southwest connected song with religion and this was what Indian people knew very well as they connect song to almost every...
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