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Michael Reber Native American Music Review #21 The people of the Northwest coast included parts of Oregon, Washington, Canada and Alaska. The Salish people have many songs and these songs are received spiritually, through inheritance or purchased. Songs of this tribe also hold spiritual power, however some hold more power than others. Their myth telling usually takes place in the winter months and is traditionally seasonal events. There solo or group songs are accompanied with instruments such as the drum and rattle. The singing of the Coast Salish people is also accompanied with dancing and songs can be received spiritually and handed down through a family. The story of Dirty Face consists of a man who lives with his in-laws who has a very dirty face because he brings in the wood. The family repeatedly asks Dirty Face to clean his face off but he refuses to do so. Finally he agrees to wash his face and as he is doing so the south wind and rain both pick up, the mountain snow melts resulting in the world being flooded. This myth
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