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Michael Reber Native American Music Review # 23 4/19/11 This chapter goes into depth about the connection of country music and Native Americans singing it. From my point of view most country singers today are wannabe cowboys who sing like they are one but really the aren’t. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of country music but to think that it is wrong for Indians today to sing it is like saying that Eminem cant perform rap music because its origins is from the times of civil rights movements. I think that every musical genre had changed from many outside influences more than just its creator. The author also connects Indian people and the working class (which is a common connection in country music), this connection is a reason why Indian people like country music so much because hey can relate to the working class of America. Its not like country songs of today are referring to the conflict of cowboys and Indians and bashing on the Indian people, country music today talks about the problems of today and the good times of yesterday. As for Indian people making their own country music I think that it should be just one
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