Research paper acctg 231 - Michael Reber 12/8/11 11093594...

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Unformatted text preview: Michael Reber 12/8/11 11093594 Accounting Paper 231.02 My family owns a small business in on the west side of Washington the store is called Reber Ranch Americas country store. For the ease of explaining what we do we are mix between a Petco and a Tractor Supply store. The role of our sole accountant it to make sure our books are in order and that we have submitted our books according to GAAP principals. We are a relatively small company doing around 6 million in sales and do not have the need for an accountant with the primary purpose of budget planning and decision based accounting practices. However I am going to write this paper looking into the future when we plan on expanding our store to other locations and the need for a managerial accountant will be inevitable. A large majority of our business is based on what happens just over Snoqualmie pass. We sell tons of hay per day at the retail level, along with straw during the wet construction season in the Seattle area. The harvesting season is relatively short and many factors have to be accounted for when taking the risk of buying a farmers hay crop before it is off the fields. In the past we could go buy hay on the east side when in was in bale form in a shed or covered by tarps, now...
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2012 for the course ACCTG 231 taught by Professor Pearson during the Fall '08 term at Washington State University .

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Research paper acctg 231 - Michael Reber 12/8/11 11093594...

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