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White nationalism and drugs have had many different views on drugs and drug policy. Most white nationalists have the view that for the white race to be superior to others the use of drugs is considered immoral to their goals. One article that I found explains the Aryan Brotherhood connection to Mexican drug cartels. The Aryan Brotherhood was involved primarily for the profit that can be made. This is interesting to me because the Aryan Brotherhood being a white nationalist group disgusts immigration and the effects of immigration on “white America”. One article explains how this division is being broken down . “The prospect of financial gain is resulting in the suspension of traditional racial and ideological division among US prison gangs, providing (Mexican cartels) the means to further expand their influence over drug trafficking in the United States.” It is interesting to see that the color of money will always be green and divisions between these groups is broken by the greed of profit. For these separate groups to be working together kind of gives me the feeling that if profitable situations arise people will always work together no matter what their ideology is. After reading I also think that for the Aryan Brotherhood to become more powerful they will have to make money on a second thought why is the Aryan Brotherhood going totally against their views? What did you learn about white nationalists movement from both Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story (MAKE SURE YOU GIVE SPECIFICS) and American History X; how does the narrative offered in these texts relate to your topic at hand Main points Adopted into the movement to have a sense of well being No family
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The movie and the book have pushed many different perspectives on white nationalist ideology on my mind. I have never really pondered the circumstance of how people with white nationalist views came to be the way they are. I have seen the movie American History X before this class and it was interesting to look at the movie from a different perspective after taking this class however the book intrigued me much more than the movie ever could. The book takes you from the very beginning of Franks live with white nationalist counterparts. The reasons for adopting white nationalists views for frank were much more than the hatred for other races and religious views. Frank grew up with a delinquent family and could never look to them for the support that he needed to cope with problems in life that we sometimes cannot face alone. After meeting Bob and Tim he felt as if he had a sense of belonging and that they actually care for him, the hate was secondary as he states “ I’d be lying if I said those guys planted a seed in me that night; the truth is they just added water and beer to a seed already inside me waiting to grow”
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More Blogs - White nationalism and drugs have had many...

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