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Blog: Courtney Newell Post: Mel Gibson Hollywood always intrigues me because people made famous from movies and TV shows are always looked on and admired by the public for acting as someone else. The media intensely follows actors and their off-screen actions sometimes make them more famous then their acting. After reading the post it is interesting to see that Hollywood rejected Gibson for his comments and made it hard for him to find work. I think that being famous and making racist comments will defiantly hurt his career but what will become of movies that have him in the future. Will people watch the movie and support his career despite of his actions? Hollywood is known for its forgiveness and for Mel to be forgiven for his actions he should nut up and make a public statement on why he acted in this way. It is also interesting to me that Mel and others blame his actions on substance abuse, even if he was wasted when he made the comments he probably wasn’t thinking of the public reaction and speaking his mind on how he really feels. Blog: Michael Voigt Post: Racist Halloween Costumes? Halloween is a time for people to dress as what ever they feel to be funny or amusing to themselves and their friend. As for racist Halloween costumes there is a fine line to what people dress as and how they act while dressed. There is also the ideology that if any white man dresses as a black man he is being racist. However there are major differences between what white
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Peer Reviews - Blog: Courtney Newell Post: Mel Gibson...

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