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Current Events writing Assginment

Current Events writing Assginment - Michael Reber 11093594...

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Michael Reber 11093594 History 150 11/3/11 The debate between what the United States should do about the subject of illegal immigration from the Mexico and United State border is a hot topic in politics today. What should we do? One side of the argument suggested to lock down the border and deport all illegal aliens. The other side of the debate is to not waste money on a fence that will just make traffickers go to more extreme lengths to get people across. One can look back into our history and relate the topic of building a fence to the European immigration to America through Ellis and Angel Island. Did Angel and Ellis Island act like a fence in the early 20th century? America needed laborers to immigrate to cope with the industrial revolution. They immigrated with hopes of achieving the “American Dream” and left behind their homeland. This is essentially what Mexican immigrants want to achieve today, we all know of the current situation in Mexico concerning the drug war and Mexicans want to get out of their corrupt homeland just like many European immigrants in the past. The problem is that it is much easier today for illegal immigrants cross the land border to the United States than it was to cross the ocean at turn of the 20th century. The first news article that I have examined “Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost” by Julia Preston questions the cost of the fence along the Mexican border. As of right now there is 650 miles of fence built along the border and 299 miles of vehicle barriers leaving roughly 1400 miles of unfenced border (www.nytimes.com). Customs and Border Protection
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estimated costs of building an additional 3.5 miles of fence near San Diego at $16 million per mile. Even this figure would yield a rough projection of $22.4 billion for a single fence spanning the entire border. This article also relates to the republican presidential delegate race going on right now. Michele Bachmann pledges to build a double fence spanning the entire border, Herman Cain wants to build an electrified fence with barbed wire (which he later said was a joke), Rick Perry advocated a more complex strategy, combining fencing and surveillance technology with “a lot of boots on the ground.” (www.nytimes.com). What ever the views of the delegates, it seems to be a race in who can be the toughest on immigration. Is this really what we need? The United States is a country of immigrants and in the past, immigration has led to prosperous times. Today however, the recession has led to a spike in the unemployment rate and less jobs are available to the American public. So what will more immigrants bring to the table? When the United States was roughly 40 million people and at the height of a Gilded Age we needed mass immigration to cope with the demand for labor, today we are a nation of over 300 million and in a recession. After reading this article the writers agenda is unbiased. Preston has taken both sides of the argument for the fence. She talks about how some border agencies feel
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Current Events writing Assginment - Michael Reber 11093594...

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