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Michael Reber 11093594 Hank Greenburg writing assignment 10/31/11 The film Gentleman’s Agreement covers the prejudice on American Jews in the 1940’s. Phil Green is a qualified writer for a broadminded New York magazine that hopes to enlighten Americans on the problem and prevalence of Anti-Semitism in the United States. Green takes on the challenge but has a hard time writing the piece. Then it dawns on Green and he decides to take on the role of pretending to be a Jewish-American in order to gain an unbiased opinion on what being a Jew is like. Green now feels the pain of being a Jew in America from being denied in public along with many other subtle remarks and onslaughts that would never be know if he wasn’t pretending to be a Jew. As the story goes on the prejudice hits home when his son comes home from school after being heckled by his peers for being a “dirty jew”. The experience changed Green and now he feels that if everyone should know how prevalent Anti-Semitism is in America. The literary passage from the book Greenburg’s Time shows us how even a famous baseball player can be persecuted by others. Greenburg came to Detroit to play baseball and because the tigers played well. However he came to the most anti-Semitic cities in America. The presence of Henry Ford made Detroit even more anti-Semitic, he purchased a news paper the Dearborn Independent which wrote about anti-Semitic views. Ford even gained attention from the Nazi party when his newspaper gained 700,000 followers. Hitler placed the highest honor to Ford that any non-German could receive and the German Consul presented it to him on his 75 th
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birthday. Still Ford wondered why Jews disliked him so much and in response the joke of Ford
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Hank Greenburg - Michael Reber 11093594 Hank Greenburg...

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