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Michael Reber Taking Sides #3 History 150 Issue 13 “Does immigration contribute to a better America” looks at the immigration issue of today while looking at the history of our country and the immigration policies and movements that have contributed to the success of our country. Legrain states that the immigration of today helps America by providing labor for low wage jobs that the majority of Americans refuse to work. He also adds that there is a sense of urgency for immigrants coming to America, people who come here want to live the American dream and to do this they have the urgency to get to work and work hard. One of the interesting things in Legrain’s article is that many companies including Yahoo, Google and eBay were all founded by immigrants who came to America at an early age. Its successful immigrants like this that provide jobs for Americans. Another interesting point is the way Britain has opened up its borders to workers of the European union. Immigrants could stay if they wanted to but most worked for a while then went back to their home. We can compare this to Mexican immigrants who work in America to send their money back home to help with their families. I personally work with a Mexican immigrant and
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Taking Sides #3 - Michael Reber Taking Sides#3 History 150...

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