Taking Sides Issues 16,17,18

Taking Sides Issues 16,17,18 - Michael Reber Taking Sides...

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Michael Reber Taking Sides Issues 16 17 18 11093594 Issue 17 brings up the issue of Latino immigration threatening African American workers. The yes side of the issue brings up many statistics from the Latino and Black populations and their earnings/poverty rates. The fact that most of the immigrants crossing the Mexico and United States border are unskilled and uneducated makes the demand for these jobs from immigrants more. The portion of the African American population that is unskilled will have more and more competition from these immigrants and since there is more competition for these jobs the one who will get these jobs will be given to the one who will do it for less. Typically an immigrant to the United States will be willing to work for less because of the situation they are in. The Latino labor market in South Carolina explains that with the increased supply of low-skilled immigrants to the market has brought down the wage and the native workers may leave the labor force if the wage would leave them impoverished, at least by U.S. standards. The no side of the argument states that immigration is not the problem it is the people hiring the immigrants at undercut wages that spurs the problem and that the low-skilled laborers
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Taking Sides Issues 16,17,18 - Michael Reber Taking Sides...

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