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Taking Sides Writing Assingment

Taking Sides Writing Assingment - Michael Reber History 150...

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Michael Reber History 150 9/1/11 Taking Sides writing assignment The first issue in the book Taking sides compels a very hard question of what it means to the people of America to have an American Identity. The “yes” America needs and is a common identity side of the book states that the western culture that America has created is an identity in itself and that Americans have many doings that make us Americans, therefore we are Americans. The fact that we have lead the charge in taking on the social issues of the world is one reason that forms our common identity. We have also made the diversity of our nation a common identity, we hold our past cultures at our core while still holding values that the rest of the nation has. The “no” side of the argument brings up the fact that since anyone can live or immigrate into America, we can never have a common identity. We are all so loosely connected that it is impossible to form one single identity of “American”. This side also brings up the hyphenated Americans, and how we as Americans will put more influence on the left side of the hyphen, whether it be Jewish, African, or Asian American.
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