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Lab 11 - AngularMomentum

Lab 11 - AngularMomentum - Bright yellow original data Pale...

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Bright yellow: original data; Pale yellow: calculated values (and units) Group Number: 5 Lab Section: PY205L-208 Date: 4/14/2009 Names of lab group members: Last name First name Recorder Boger Natasha Manager Simpson Camry Skeptic Doshi Viraj Summarizer none none Section 3: Initial Measurements 3.1: Moment of inertia of large gray disk units Moment of Inertia units How calculated Mass of large gray disk 0.475 kg 0.00342 kgm^2 Inertia is 1/2MR^2 for a uniform disk Radius of large gray disk 0.12 m 3.2 Change in angular speed of the disk *delta t must be equal for the mass rising and the mass falling Mass Falling initial final units Change How calculated Time 2.3 6.7 s 6.2 final-initial Speed of point on rim 0.49 1.43 m/s 1.31 final-initial Angular Speed 4.08 11.97 radians/second 10.97 velocity/radius (final-initial) Mass Rising initial final units Change How calculated Time 6.7 11.1 s 4.4 final-initial Speed of point on rim 1.43 0.12 m/s -1.31 final-initial Angular Speed 11.97 1 radians/second -10.97 velocity/radius(final-initial) 3.3: y-component of the torque due only to the hanging mass
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