ECE 302 - Lab 6 - Single Stage MOSFETS

ECE 302 - Lab 6 - Single Stage MOSFETS - Camry Simpson...

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Camry Simpson Laboratory Report 6: Single Stage MOSFET Amplifiers with Passive Loads ECE 302-203 11/2/2010
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Introduction In this lab we get a little more in-depth with Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETS), particularly Single State MOSFET Amplifiers with Passive Loads. We will be measuring properties such as Gain, Input Impedance and Output Impedance in order to examine the behavior of the single state amplifiers. From here we should be able to understand the relative trade-offs between these amplifiers. 2.0 Prelab We built the following circuit using PSPICE. From here we gave the Resistance of R 2 a temporary resistance of 50 Ω ανδ α περ μανεντ ωαλυε δ ετερ μινεδ βψ α παρα μ ετριχ σϖεεπ ϖηερε ς ∆Σ ισ 2.5 ς. Ω ε αλσο ηαδ τηε φολλοϖινγ ινιτιαλχονδιτιονσ V TO = 1.8V K p = 140µ λ = 0.02 W = 40µ L = 10µ Now, we run a DC Parametric Sweep on the Resistance R2 from 100 to 100M. We then initialize the Time Domain at 1ms with the maximum step size of 1µs. Doing so, we obtain the following graphs: 3.0 Procedure 3.1 Common Source Amplifier with Passive Load We constructed the previous circuit on a breadboard with R2 and R1 combined as variable resistor R Trim . We adjusted the variable resistor until the voltage at the
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ECE 302 - Lab 6 - Single Stage MOSFETS - Camry Simpson...

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