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Lab3(npn&pnp) -...

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Bipolar Tr. Vce-Ic VCE= -5 to 5 in 0.1 step IB= 0 to 1E-05 in 2E-06 step NO. VCE IC V A -5 -5.52E-10 -2.20E-06 -4.50E-06 -6.81E-06 -9.15E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.9 -3.34E-09 -2.22E-06 -4.49E-06 -6.80E-06 -9.16E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.8 4.03E-09 -2.22E-06 -4.47E-06 -6.78E-06 -9.14E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.7 -6.30E-10 -2.20E-06 -4.48E-06 -6.79E-06 -9.12E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.6 -3.31E-09 -2.21E-06 -4.48E-06 -6.78E-06 -9.13E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.5 4.06E-09 -2.21E-06 -4.46E-06 -6.76E-06 -9.12E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.4 -6.71E-10 -2.19E-06 -4.47E-06 -6.77E-06 -9.09E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.3 -3.29E-09 -2.20E-06 -4.47E-06 -6.77E-06 -9.11E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.2 4.09E-09 -2.21E-06 -4.45E-06 -6.74E-06 -9.09E-06 -1.15E-05 -4.1 -7.19E-10 -2.19E-06 -4.46E-06 -6.76E-06 -9.07E-06 -1.15E-05 -4 -3.26E-09 -2.20E-06 -4.46E-06 -6.75E-06 -9.09E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.9 4.14E-09 -2.21E-06 -4.44E-06 -6.73E-06 -9.07E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.8 -7.48E-10 -2.18E-06 -4.45E-06 -6.74E-06 -9.05E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.7 -3.24E-09 -2.19E-06 -4.45E-06 -6.74E-06 -9.06E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.6 4.17E-09 -2.20E-06 -4.43E-06 -6.71E-06 -9.05E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.5 -7.84E-10 -2.18E-06 -4.44E-06 -6.73E-06 -9.03E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.4 -3.21E-09 -2.19E-06 -4.44E-06 -6.72E-06 -9.04E-06 -1.14E-05 Note: First data set was corrupt, so emit ed. -3.3 4.21E-09 -2.20E-06 -4.42E-06 -6.70E-06 -9.03E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.2 -8.15E-10 -2.18E-06 -4.43E-06 -6.71E-06 -9.01E-06 -1.14E-05 -3.1 -3.17E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.43E-06 -6.71E-06 -9.02E-06 -1.14E-05 -3 4.24E-09 -2.20E-06 -4.41E-06 -6.69E-06 -9.01E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.9 -8.40E-10 -2.17E-06 -4.43E-06 -6.70E-06 -8.99E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.8 -3.15E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.43E-06 -6.70E-06 -9.00E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.7 4.25E-09 -2.19E-06 -4.41E-06 -6.68E-06 -9.00E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.6 -8.92E-10 -2.17E-06 -4.42E-06 -6.69E-06 -8.97E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.5 -3.13E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.42E-06 -6.69E-06 -8.99E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.4 4.26E-09 -2.19E-06 -4.40E-06 -6.67E-06 -8.98E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.3 -9.46E-10 -2.17E-06 -4.41E-06 -6.67E-06 -8.96E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.2 -3.10E-09 -2.17E-06 -4.41E-06 -6.68E-06 -8.97E-06 -1.13E-05 -2.1 4.28E-09 -2.19E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.65E-06 -8.96E-06 -1.13E-05 -2 -9.91E-10 -2.16E-06 -4.40E-06 -6.66E-06 -8.94E-06 -1.13E-05 -1.9 -3.08E-09 -2.17E-06 -4.41E-06 -6.67E-06 -8.95E-06 -1.13E-05 -1.8 4.29E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.64E-06 -8.95E-06 -1.13E-05 -1.7 -1.03E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.65E-06 -8.92E-06 -1.12E-05 -1.6 -3.06E-09 -2.17E-06 -4.40E-06 -6.66E-06 -8.94E-06 -1.13E-05 -1.5 4.31E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.38E-06 -6.63E-06 -8.93E-06 -1.12E-05 -1.4 -1.07E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.64E-06 -8.91E-06 -1.12E-05 -1.3 -3.04E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.64E-06 -8.92E-06 -1.12E-05 -1.2 4.33E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.37E-06 -6.62E-06 -8.91E-06 -1.12E-05 -1.1 -1.11E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.38E-06 -6.62E-06 -8.89E-06 -1.12E-05 -1 -3.00E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.39E-06 -6.63E-06 -8.90E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.9 4.35E-09 -2.18E-06 -4.36E-06 -6.61E-06 -8.90E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.8 -1.13E-09 -2.15E-06 -4.37E-06 -6.61E-06 -8.87E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.7 -2.96E-09 -2.16E-06 -4.38E-06 -6.62E-06 -8.88E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.6 4.38E-09 -2.17E-06 -4.36E-06 -6.59E-06 -8.88E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.5 -1.17E-09 -2.15E-06 -4.36E-06 -6.60E-06 -8.85E-06 -1.12E-05 -0.4 -2.92E-09 -2.15E-06 -4.37E-06 -6.61E-06 -8.86E-06 -1.11E-05 -0.3 4.40E-09 -2.17E-06 -4.35E-06 -6.58E-06 -8.86E-06 -1.11E-05 -0.2 -1.19E-09 -2.15E-06 -4.35E-06 -6.58E-06 -8.83E-06 -1.11E-05 -0.1 -2.89E-09 -2.14E-06 -4.36E-06 -6.58E-06
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