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HW3 - ECE 402 Communications Engineering Homework 3(Fall...

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ECE 402: Communications Engineering Homework 3 (Fall 2009) Due: Tuesday 9/22 1. Suppose that pulse code modulation with uniform quantization is used to digitize an electrocardio- gram (ECG) record. The ECG consists of two channels (i.e., two signals), each with bandwidth 100 Hz. Each channel is sampled 50% above the Nyquist rate to allow for imperfect sampling. The samples are limited to the range | x ( nT ) | ≤ 1 and the average sample power is P x = 1 / 8. If a signal- to-noise ratio of 60 dB is required, find the minimum data rate of the resulting PCM data stream. 2. The left and right speaker tracks of a stereo music signal are sent over a common 10base-T Ethernet connection using PCM with uniform quantization. Each track has bandwidth 20 kHz. If the Ethernet can transmit at most 10 Mb/s, what is the best peak SNR that can be achieved by this system? Note: The signal is stereo — two signals are transmitted.
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