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HW6 - ECE 402 Communications Engineering Homework 6(Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 402: Communications Engineering Homework 6 (Fall 2009) Due: Tuesday 11/3 (due at the *beginning* of class) 1. Suppose that binary data is transmitted over an AWGN channel using polar signaling. Find the SNR ( E b /N ) in dB required to achieve an error probability of 10- 4 and 10- 5 . Repeat for unipolar signaling. 2. The NASA Mars Pathfinder Mission Orbiter transmits binary data from Mars to Earth using BPSK. Since most of the signal power is lost in transmission, the received power on Earth is only P = 5 × 10- 18 W. The space channel is well modeled as an additive white Gaussian noise channel with noise PSD N / 2 = kT r / 2 where k = 1 . 38 × 10- 23 J/ o K is Boltzman’s constant and T r is the receiver noise temperature in Kelvin (a measure of the quality of the receiver). If the Orbiter transmits at a data rate of 4.74 kbps and an error probability of P b = 10- 6 is required, how should the receiver noise temperature be designed to meet these requirements. (In practice, the receiver requirements are atemperature be designed to meet these requirements....
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