2 which one of the following identities on res is

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Unformatted text preview: typed. 2. Which one of the following identities on REs is correct? (mark one) (4 points) (a) a(a|b|￿) = (aa|ab) (b) ((a|￿)b)∗ = (a|b)∗ (c) (a∗ b∗ )∗ = (a|b)∗ (d) ab∗ = abb∗ 3. Convert the following infix expression to postfix. You may assume the standard precedence and associativity of the operators is used. (4 points) (a+b)*c-d/e 1 4. There is a serious problem with the following Lex specification: digit integer %% {integer} %% [0-9] {digit}{integer}|{digit} { /* do something ... */ } Rewrite the specification to fix this problem. (8 points) 5. Draw and label the runtime data areas of the JVM. (10 points) 2 6. Consider the following grammar G = ({a, b, c, d}, {S , X }, P, S ), with P : S→ | X→ | Xa Xb Xc d Apply left factoring of the productions for S followed by left-...
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