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Freeley English 220 Sp12 - English 220: Introduction to...

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English 220: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Dustin Freeley Email: Office Hours: Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm Office: 1238 HW Course Objectives: Emphasizing close reading, English 220 is intended to develop in students the analytical and interpretive skills necessary for both written and verbal critical response to literature that is firmly grounded in the text. While it may be seen as primarily a skills course, it should also establish a common knowledge base, however minimal, in literature in English, and it should equip students with the vocabulary techniques for describing and analyzing literary works, with an emphasis on developing critical writing skills specific to literary analysis. Ideally, the course should also develop in students an appreciation and understanding of the aesthetic qualities of literature, as well as an awareness that literature is part of a larger ongoing cultural, social, and historical dialogue that informs, influences, and inspires our experience. That being said, this class is an open discourse about literature; therefore, students are expected to attend class having read the texts and prepared to give their opinions. Required Texts* ISBN Cost Much Ado About Nothing , Signet Classics 0451526813 4.95 Course Packet 10-15 * texts are available at Shakespeare and Co. * editions and prices are subject to change Basic Policies Attendance : Class discussions are intended to delve deeply into the texts that have been read for the day. Many of the discussions will aid you with your term papers and provide you with valuable insight into subsequent readings, as well as conjure new opinions and solidify formulating opinions. If you miss a class, you are responsible for any reading that was due that day. If you accumulate more than two absences, your grade will be lowered by half a letter grade for each subsequent absence. If you miss more than five classes, you may be dropped from the
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Freeley English 220 Sp12 - English 220: Introduction to...

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