16 - Gene Mutation and DNA Repair

16 - Gene Mutation and DNA Repair - Chapter 16 Gene...

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Chapter 16 Gene Mutation and DNA Repair I. Consequences of Mutation a. Chromosome mutations: changes in chromosome structure b. Genome mutations: changes in chromosome number c. Single-gene mutations: small changes in DNA structure that occur within a particular gene d. Gene Mutations Are molecular changes in the DNA sequence of a gene i. Permanent alterations of DNA within a gene ii. Point mutation: change in a single base pair within the DNA 1. substitutions a. Transition: change of a pyrimidines to another pyrimidines or a purine to another purine (A to G) i. more common than transversion b. Transversion: purines and pyrimidines are interchanged 2. deletions e. Gene mutations can alter the coding sequence within a gene i. Silent mutations: those that do not alter the amino acid sequence of the polypeptide even though the nucleotide sequence has changed ii. Missense mutations: base substitutions where an amino acid change does occur 1. sickle-cell anemia, mutates in B-globin gene a. glutamic acid is changed to valine iii. Nonsense mutations: change form a abnormal codon to a termination codon 1. causes translation of polypeptide to terminate early and truncates it 2. polarity: when a nonsense mutation occurs in a bacterial operon and inhibits expression of downstream genes iv. frameshift mutations: addition or deletion of a number of nucleotides that is not divisible by three, completely different amino acid sequence occurs downstream from the mutation v. except for silent mutations, new mutations are more likely to produce polypeptides with reduced
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16 - Gene Mutation and DNA Repair - Chapter 16 Gene...

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