stat213Spring2012 - Statistics 213: Introduction to Applied...

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Statistics 213: Introduction to Applied Statistics Learning Outcomes. This course emphasizes statistical literacy and develops statistical thinking. Statistical literacy is promoted throughout the text in the many examples and exercises, drawn from published research findings and the popular press. Many of the examples and exercises discussed will highlight the central role of probability and statistics in 21 st century science. Within the advent of genomics and proteomics, biological science has evolved from a mainly experimental science performed at the bench to one in which probabilistic models and statistical analysis techniques play a significant role. Students should understand how to adequately interpret and communicate statistical results. Understanding the nature and role of variability is key to developing sound skills in statistical thinking. Textbook: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Enhanced Review Edition (4th Edition) by Roxy Peck, Chris Olsen, Jay L. Devore., Duxbury Press. ISBN: 0840054904 . Text bundle with WebAssign: ISBN: 1111656568 Grading Policy There will be two in-class non-cumulative tests, regular homework assignments (worth 20% of the grade), and a final exam. The tests and final are closed book exams. Calculators and formula sheets are allowed. The final is comprehensive. There will be no remake for the tests and final! The final counts twice as much as the tests. Lowest score will be dropped (if lowest score is at the final exam, that score will be counted only once).
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stat213Spring2012 - Statistics 213: Introduction to Applied...

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