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Leaving group order approximately in decreasing ability to leave *R-N 2 + diazonium salts R-OR' 2 + R-OSO 2 C 4 F 9 nonaflates R-OSO 2 CF 3 triflates R-OSO 2 F fluorosulfonates R-OTs, R-OMs, etc. tosylates, mesylates R-I iodides R-Br bromides R-OH 2 + conjugate acid of alcohol R-Cl chlorides, an acyl chloride when attached to carbonyl R-OHR' + conjugated acid of an ether R-ONO 2 , R-OPO(OH)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 nitrates, phosphates, other inorganic esters R-SR' 2 + sulphonium salts R-NR' 3 + tetraalkylammonium salts R-F fluorides R-OCOR esters and acid anhydrides at carbonyl R-NH 3 + ammonium salts R-OAr phenoxides or aryl esters at carbonyl R-OH alcohols, carboxylic acid at carbonyls R-OR ethers, esters at carbonyl R-H RNH 2 R-Ar R-R...
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