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reli final - 1 Q Explain with examples the five pillars of...

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1) Q: Explain, with examples, the five pillars of Islam. Individual faith and institutional Islam converge in the worship of God and service to others. According to well-attested tradition, the prophet himself said that Islam was built on five ‘pillars’. With the exception of the first, the pillars are all rites of worship, both personal and communal. The Five pillars are the foundation on which Islam rests as a religious system of faith and social responsibility, worship, and piety. Acts of worship are obligatory for all Muslims. Each of the five pillars has both an outer or public obligatory dimension and an inner or private voluntary dimension. The first pillar is the shahadah: ‘I bear witness that there is no god except God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.’ It consists of two declarations. The first, affirming the oneness of God, expresses the universal and primordial state of faith in which every child is born. The Prophet is said to have declared, ‘Every child is born in this original state of faith; then his parents turn him into a Jew, Christian, or Zoroastrian, and if they are Muslims, into a Muslim.’ The second declaration, affirming Muhammad’s role as messenger, signifies acceptance of the truth of Muhammad’s claim to prophet hood, and hence the truth of his message. The second pillar consists of the obligatory prayers called salat. These are distinguished from voluntary devotional acts, such as meditations and personal supplicatory prayers, in that they must be performed five times in a day and night: at dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and after dark. The salat prayers were the first Islamic rituals to be instituted. The salat prayers must be always be preceded by ritual washing. Wudu’ or partial washing involves washing the face, rinsing the mouth and nostrils, washing the hands and forearms to the elbows, passing one’s wet hands over the head and feet. Five times a day- on radio and television, through
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reli final - 1 Q Explain with examples the five pillars of...

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