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EEL 3216 Introduction to Power Systems Homework # 8 A balanced 3-phase impedance type load is rated 3 MVA at 4.16 kV, with a lagging power factor of 0.75. It is supplied by a generator via a 2 km long overhead transmission line. The GMD of the conductors is 50 in. The generator is rated 4 MVA at 4.16 kV with a synchronous impedance of j1pu.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Size the conductor for that load assuming an ambient temperature of 25°C, no wind, and allowing a conductor temperature of 100°C (use tables from lecture notes 14 and 15). b) For 4.16 kV at the load what is the voltage regulation of the T-Line? c) What is the magnitude of the induced voltage of the generator in pu?...
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