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EEL 3216 Introduction to Power Systems Homework # 1 CHAPTER 1.8 and 2 1. In the 60Hz circuit shown in Figure 1, V S = 240.0V ± 30° and I S = 35 A ± 15°. R 1 = 2.5 ȍ L 1 = 0.015 H a) Determine the phasor currents, I 1 and I 2 , and the impedance Z 2 . b) Calculate the apparent power delivered by the source and the apparent powers consumed by the resistor, the inductor and the impedance Z 2 . Show that the conservation of power principle holds true for this circuit.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A three phase wye-connected balanced load is supplied by a balanced three-phase delta connected source with ±abc² sequence. The following source voltage and load impedance are given: V ab = 11.6 kV ± 0° Z bn = 250 + j300 ȍ a) Find the phase currents I an , I bn , and I cn , and the neutral current I n . b) Draw separate phasor diagrams for the line voltages, phase voltages, and the line currents of part a)....
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