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Audience Analyzes week two checkpoint three jan 31st

Audience Analyzes week two checkpoint three jan 31st -...

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Audience Analyzes Business Communication 135 Audience Analyzes University of Phoenix Mark Watson January 31 2010 Carol Bagley Audience recognition – not all readers are going to be high tech readers. A user manual requires clear and concise language that can be easily followed and understood from high tech readers to low tech, lay readers. The purpose of the manual is to offer instruction and customer support for installing a wireless printer in the home. The data needs to be organized so the reader can easily follow the steps and access information. Simple yet clear instruction should be given, being careful not to use technical jargon, abbreviations, or acronyms to avoid the reader becoming overwhelmed and frustrated with the information. Explanation and definition should be given so the reader can comprehend and understand what it is the writer is asking them to perform and why. Diagrams and or visual tools should be used to show the reader what the task is they are performing making it easier to follow so they do not get caught up in the written information. Information needs to be written logically and flow into each step as the reader
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follows the instructions so the reader is able to follow the writer’s train of thought as they proceed through the manual to install the wireless printer. It is important to provide detail and
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