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Capstone Checkpoint Capstone Checkpoint Business Communication for IT Professionals University of Phoenix Mark Watson March 18, 2010 Carol Bagley
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Audience Analysis is a tool that is important and very effective in future employment opportunities as well as future technical communications. This particular subject has allowed for me to recognize the different people I work around and communicate with. It is important to remember that not everyone is on the same knowledge level I am, being able to recognize the differences as well as other cultures will allow me as a writer to adapt my communication to best suit the needs of the particular audience I am writing for, or communicating with. Knowing your audience assists the writer to get the information they are trying to relay in an effective manner that allows the audience to understand, as well as benefit from in order to be able to make better or well informed decisions. You can better meet the needs of your audience if you have an understanding of who they are and what their expectations are. Also analyzing your audience will help me to identify any issues of diversity, identify appropriate language to be used if dealing with multicultural audiences, identify the different levels of audience and adapt my writing, communication style to their needs. Technical communication used appropriately allows for future documents and forms of communication to be professional.
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Capstone Checkpoint - Capstone Checkpoint Capstone...

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