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Axia College Material Appendix C Audience Characteristics Complete the following table by listing the four types of audiences and describing the characteristics of each audience type. Type of Audience Examples of Characteristics 1. Lay General audience who are either clients or customers, they require background information, and the use of non technical language. Require time and further explanations using precise words, and clarity with some simple visual tools in order to fully understand and gain rational of the subject. 2. Technician/Operator Low Tech Technicians generally understand jargon and terminology; require little or no background information. Have a basic grasp on the concepts but may require further information on why you are working on a specific project. Has ability to give instructions using some technical terms/ 3. Expert Generally share same educational background and expertise knowledge. Background information is not necessary,
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Unformatted text preview: and is able to understand and use technical terms and concepts. Can understand abbreviations without the need for definitions. Reading is normally done at this level to get up to date information in projects and there status. 4. Combined Generally writing is for different levels of COM 135 understanding. Not all readers will be familiar with subject matter and will require background information including objectives and overviews for clarification. References may be included so the reader has somewhere to refer to for further data or information. Definition of terms and jargon may be required for those with lower levels of understanding can get a better understanding. A matter of fact business tone is generally used to incorporate the different levels of understanding with information being provided in different sections to incorporate all the multiple levels of understanding. COM 135...
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com135_appendix_c[1] - and is able to understand and use...

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