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User Manual Topic week two janurary 29th 2010

User Manual Topic week two janurary 29th 2010 - • Index...

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User Manual Topic User Manual Topic Business Communication 135 University of Phoenix Mark Watson January 29, 2010 Carol Bagley The topic I have chosen to write my User Manual on is “Installing your new Wireless Printer”. The user manual created will cover the following; Content Preface Before you begin Hazard Alerts Parts Diagram User Manual – this book Unpacking your printer Installing your new printer
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Set up instructions Installing ink cartridges Loading paper Installing and Removing printer software Uninstalling software Possible Installation problems Technical Information Company Contact Information Internet Customer Support
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Unformatted text preview: • Index • Declaration of Conformity The audience for this user guide/manual will be targeted at low-tech users. The manual will offer step by step instruction to install a new printer that is wireless to the consumers personal computer in the home. The intended consumer good is not recommended for business use, but more home users for personal use only. The goal of the manual will be to have the consumer successfully install and use their new wireless printer following the instructions in the user manual. The user manual will assist in helping the consumer becoming familiar with their new product. •...
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