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Written Communication Sunday week three writing process

Written Communication Sunday week three writing process -...

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Written Communication Written Communication in Corporate Environment Business Communication 135 University of Phoenix Mark Watson February 7, 2010 Carol Bagley Memo Team Members To Project Team Members From Mark Watson Project Manager Date Sunday February 6 2010 Subject Computer Network Installation This memo is in regards to the current installation of the upgraded computer network system. There is going to be a delay in the installation of the system due to the discontinuation of certain equipment components needed to complete the installation. The team has been working endlessly to get the installation of the company’s upgraded network system completed. To date we are on track with each phase of the installation, unfortunately the company that manufactures the major equipment components we need to finalize this project have discontinued this particular line. Due to the discontinuation of such components we are currently in negotiation with another manufacturer to obtain the components we need to finalize
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the installation. As a result there will be a two week delay in the project while we wait for the equipment to be processed. The company appreciates the time you have invested in this project. Work on this installation project will resume in two weeks, with a finalization date for the installation expected to be a week from the arrival of the components. I am confident we can have this installation completed on time. If you have any questions please direct them to me as Project Manager.
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